KarmaFilm Announces the Broadcast Premiere of “Mad Cow Sacred Cow” on CBC Newsworld’s The Lens

January 8, 2009

Saskatoon, 8 January 2009 – After enjoying its World Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival ’08, Mad Cow Sacred Cow will have its broadcast premiere on CBC Newsworld’s “The Lens” on Feb 3rd, 2009, 10:00 PM EST.

calfFollowing up on the Gemini Award winning “Cosmic Current,” filmmaker Anand Ramayya embarks on another personal journey but this time he is a new father, and completely terrified of his food. The steaks are high as his journey reveals shocking connections between the Mad Cow crisis, Farm crisis and Global Food crisis.

Weaving interviews from renowned speakers such as Dr. Vandana Shiva, Maneka Gandhi, Dr. Murray Waldman, Nettie Wiebe and Swami Agnivesh with stunning visuals of a personal journey that crosses continents, the story of Mad Cow Sacred Cow takes us from the filmmaker’s own happy days of indiscriminate beef consumption to the frightening realities created by globalization.

Mad Cow Sacred Cow is a universal story that connects the food we eat to the environmental, cultural, economic and health crisis we are currently facing on a global level. A project that began over four years ago in response to the Mad Cow crisis has become even more relevant and timely today.

Stunning High Definition visuals and an Indian fusion music score transport us from the rolling prairies of cattle country in Southern Canada to the heart of Exotic Southern India and the land of the Sacred Cow. Edited by Chris Bizzocchi (Tree Fallers), Cinematography by Thomas Hale (A Year at Sherbrooke, Cosmic Current), Music by Raj Ramayya (Space Cowboy Beebop, Cosmic Current), Producer/Production Sound Ryan Lockwood. The project is produced by four- time Gemini Award winning Karma Film in association with CBC Newsworld and Hulo Films.

Financing partners include Canadian Television Fund, Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, Rogers, SaskFilm and broadcast partners CBC Newsworld, Saskatchewan Communications Network, and Knowledge Network.img_06712



One Response to “KarmaFilm Announces the Broadcast Premiere of “Mad Cow Sacred Cow” on CBC Newsworld’s The Lens”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Mad cow diseases is not a disease that is transmissible by consuming meat. You need to read an important book by Mark Purdey entitled “Animal Pharm”. Also, check out his 14 peer-reviewed papers in the medical journal “Medical Hypothesis”, and his two websites:
    http://www.markpurdey.com and http://www.purdeyenvironment.com
    BSE is being used by the world rulers to put fear of your food into your heart. But the truth is far from what you hear in the media. If you continue to believe everything the “main stream” researchers or media tell you, you are a fool. BSE is a disease in cows, vCJD is a disease in people. The human form is NOT caused by consuming meat. Yet the agent responsible is similar, and it is not Stanley Prusiner’s “prion protein”. The agent responsible for these diseases are heavy metals, especially uranium. Check out “depleted uranium” munitions and learn how the military is spready this toxic metal in our environment. No study has ever shown that the prion protein is “infectious”. The lab experiments used for these “transmission” claims have taken the brain tissue and homogenized it, and injected it directly in the brain of another unfortunate lab animal. No scientist has EVER analysed this material for metals (called CHARACTERIZATION). If they did, they would find minute amounts of toxic metals, such as uranium, barium, cesium, strontium etc. These diseases are prevalent in animals or people who are copper deficient.

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