Dr. Murray Waldman on the Dangers of the Cattle Production System

January 27, 2009

Watch the Premiere of Mad Cow Sacred Cow on CBC’s The Lens Friday February 3rd 2009 at 10:00 pm EST.

Here is a clip of Dr Murray Waldman discussing the problems with the beef production system.

Watch the trailer


One Response to “Dr. Murray Waldman on the Dangers of the Cattle Production System”

  1. Ben Tremblay Says:

    Hi there / namaste –

    Today’s “Wildrose Country” (in Alberta) was about what I think of as basics. “Renowned Indian journalist P. Sainath talks about the growing gap between the world’s rich and poor, and how globalization affects globaln hunger. He is one of the keynote speakers at the U of A’s International Week, a free public event that ends this Friday.”

    What struck me was how so much of his talk was what we were talking about in the early 70s … the network of “cross-cultural learner centers” that spanned the country.
    Back then it was GATT … now it’s WB/IMF … same stuff, different pile.

    “Greed before need” sums it up. It isn’t just substance abusers who are addicts.

    Thanks for your fine work …
    … and yes, valuing the sacred in daily life is precisely the way.


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