Ryan Lockwood – Producer

Co-founder and producer of Hulo Films, Ryan Lockwood is a documentary filmmaker and writer with broadcast credits as producer, show-runner, director, writer, research and sound recordist for both regional and national broadcasters. Previous to working in television production, Ryan worked as a marketing professional within the agriculture and food sector, specializing in market research and business development.

Ryan will be entering a third season of production on the award-winning documentary series Landing and is in post-production with Mad Cow Sacred Cow, shot in India and Canada for CBC’s flagship documentary series “The Lens.” Wrapping up production of his second dramatic film in July, Interpersonalities had its world premiere at the São Paulo International Film Festival in October. The US premiere is in Santa Monica, CA in November and the Canadian premiere is at the Whistler Film Festival in December. Ryan’s first film Amira, in which he wrote and directed, has traveled extensively


through Canada, South Africa and Europe. Ryan has also produced numerous corporate videos. Creating socially relevant and commercially viable documentaries and new media, he prefers to work as a writer/ producer and enjoys the opportunity to pick up a boom pole.

Thomas Hale – Cinematographer

Thomas Hale is one of a few directors in Canada who works in all three major professional categories: documentary, drama and commercials. He is also an experienced writer, cinematographer, journalist and editor. Broadcast credits include director, writer, field producer, producer, editor, cinematographer, sound recordist, boom operator and actor.

Rabbit Fall, a dramatic pilot he directed in 2005, has now completed shooting its second season. Recent documentary projects include the National Film Board production A Year at Sherbrooke (writer/director); Mad Cow Sacred Cow, shot in India in 2007 for CBC’s flagship documentary series “The Lens” (cinematographer); and two seasons of the award-winning documentary series Landing (director/ cinematographer). Beach Memories, one of the dozens of television commercials he has directed, won the 2005 ACE Award of Excellence.

Thomas is a graduate of Ryerson University’s film program. His other university studies have included history, anthropology and literature. He spent formative years traveling, and lived for a year in Paris where he learned French, studied European art and cinema, and wrote articles for his college newspaper in Canada.

Born in Toronto but growing up in Saskatoon, Thomas has made many cities around the world his home including Paris, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria and New York City. He has been a drummer for 37 years and played his first professional music gig at the age of 14. A passionate reader since childhood, Thomas stays current in history and politics, art, literature, culture, science and economics.

Chris Bizzocchi – Editor

Chris Bizzocchi has been an editor for the last 10 years and still isn’t sure what NTSC really stands for. He was recently honored with a Leo Award for Best Editing, for his work on Kodiak, a short drama bordering on experimental, which premiered at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival. He also edited the feature film, The Cabin Movie, a dramatic comedy directed by fellow Vancouverite, Dylan Akio Smith. The film premiered at the Toronto Int’l Film Festival and was also featured at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival. Since finishing Mad Cow Sacred Cow, Chris has been busy working on the second season of CBC’s hit reality series, The Week the Women Went.

Chris’ other credits as a television editor, include: Death in the Forest (Global Currents), a documentary about the plight of fallers in the changing lumber industry; an On-Screen documentary series episode (Bravo! Television), charting the production of the landmark Canadian film, “I’ve Heard the Mermaid Singing”; and Happyland, a comedy special by Christine ‘Tiny’ Taylor for the CBC, featuring Kathy Jones (This Hour Has 22 Minutes).

Before focusing on broadcast work, Chris was involved with the Vancouver independent film community of the Blinding Light / Sugar Refinery days. He helped form The Narcoleptic Videographer comedy collective, working not only as an editor on every short, but often as co-director, co-writer and co-producer (www.narco.ca). Of the nearly 30 shorts in the Narcoleptic Videographer library, It’s A Boy is a personal
favorite, as well as Love Flush, a popular short that screened repeatedly by request on ZedCBC. Other favorite shorts include Matt-Sinclair-Foreman’s Exposures, which garnered a Leo Award for the lead actor, Tom Scholte. When he’s not editing, Chris enjoys playing keyboards and guitar with various local bands, including Ghettoblaster and Electric Kids.

Raj Ramayya – Composer

Indo-Canadian singer/songwriter Raj Ramayya has been a consistently strong force on the international music scene. Residing between Tokyo, Japan, San Francisco, California, and his home base in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ramayya has been featured as a guest singer/songwriter with several distinguished artists ranging from Yoko Kanno (Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Wolfs Rain), Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk, Hotei), Chris Mosdell (Eric Clapton, YMO), Canadian songwriting guru Ron Sexsmith, Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart), and host of others.

Ramayya has recently been awarded a Canadian motion picture award (Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association’s “NextFest”) for “Best Soundtrack” for his new Electronic Indian music project entitled “Bhang Lassi”. Bhang Lassi is featured on the Gemini award-winning documentary “Cosmic Current” and released on Dynastic Records Japan. With over 200 TV commercial co-writing, writing and singing credits to his name, Ramayya is also an instantly recognizable voice for several well known products ranging from Sapporo beer to Volvic Water as well as being a co-writer/singer for game giant Konamis’ hit series Rhythmania, Sega “Racer”, Capcom’s “Biohazard”, MTV Japan’s (Music On) hit “Golden Eggs” animation series, Victor Entertainment’s “Gungrave” and many more. Ramayya’s Indian influenced acoustic rock band “The
Beautiful Losers” (www.thebeautifullosers.net) has been featured on several MTV America TV show soundtracks as well as on TV commercials for Japan Travel Bureau, The Animal Channel and Nivea. The single “Fairweather Friend” was featured as the theme song for the Japanese hit TV series “Deep Love”.


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