3 Responses to “Watch the Trailer”

  1. Peter Garden Says:

    This looks excellent. I can’t wait to see the premiere on CBC on the 27th. All the best Anand.

  2. Jeanette Liberty-Duns Says:

    I look forward to seeing the documentary. It is a subject we all need to know more about.

  3. Errol Lewis Says:

    I watched with interest the documentry ‘Mad Cow, Sacred Cow’, and would like to offer my perspective on India, and the world in general, since they are very much linked.
    India has turned away from the spiritual wealth of their culture, for the temporary reward of economic advancement.
    Krishna states in the Bhagavad-gita, a sacred book known to all Hindu’s, that the Brahmans (priestly order) and cows are to be protected.
    A society that takes the milk from the cow, and in return slaughters it, is a society that will ultimately find no peace, anywhere on earth, because this is a sinful activity.
    Peace comes when compassion to those that need our protection is shown.
    We love our cats, and our dogs, and show them love and affection. But where does our love and affection disappear to when it’s time to eat?
    Compassion is something that can be learned. We need to start doing things in a different way. The world is dying a slow death right before our eyes.
    For the satisfaction of our senses we are creating a non-sustainable environment that will ultimately collapse.
    Let’s be smart. As well as loving each other, let’s start loving our planet, it’s resources, and every living being in it. I gurantee there will be no more wars if we accomplish that!

    Hare Krishna.

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